Monthly Archives: January 2015

Year of Living Creatively

Life is a curious thing.

I’m 34 and am still trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to be. Somehow I thought that the life I wanted would just appear without my active involvement. But if I don’t liveĀ  a life that is true to what I believe in, if I don’t actively do the things I love and if I don’t surround myself in an environment that means something to me than I’m not living my life. And the chances are that I won’t be happy and I’ll spend my time living out the dreaded “what if”.

So after a few rather momentous, and to be honest horrible years in my life, I’ve decided to approach this year differently. I love making things and I love trying new things. I think I may actually collect hobbies. But they are always a guilty pleasure that I never allow myself to really pursue. So instead of putting them on the bottom of my priority list they are now going on the top. I’m going to spend this year attempting things that I’ve always been a little afraid to try and working on skilling up in crafts that I love but never gave enough time to really become good at. I’m going to allow myself to focus on me.

This blog will hopefully record my successes and failures in all the different passions in my life as well as sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

This is my year of living creatively.